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The Linux Counter. Thread starter Bomb; Start date Dec 10, 2004; Tags counter india linux users votes; Status Not open for further replies. B. Bomb New Member. Dec 10, 2004 #1 I dont know if this is posted before so I m posting this . This is the official Linux Counter One of the most common arithmetic operations when writing Bash scripts is incrementing and decrementing variables. This is most often used in loops as a counter, but it can occur elsewhere in the script as well. Incrementing and Decrementing means adding or subtracting a value (usually 1), respectively, from the value of a numeric variable The problem with COUNTER is that the while loop is running in a subshell, so any changes to the variable vanish when the subshell exits. You need to access the value of COUNTER in that same subshell. Or take @DennisWilliamson's advice, use a process substitution, and avoid the subshell altogether Unix/Linux shell script FAQ: Can you share a simple Linux shell script that shows how to count, i.e., a shell script that increments a counter in a for loop or while loop?. Sure, I just needed to increment a while loop counter myself, so I thought I'd share my example shell script code here

The Linux Counter website. that might be kewl, i agree with those for whom linux is Freedom and fun.. greg kroah-hartman's keynote speech OLS 2006 [ottawa linux symposium], click the pic below Myths Lies and Truths about the Linux Kerne THE LINUX COUNTER So, now you´ve come this far in The Tips it might be time to get yourself and your box registered ( see my sig and those of many others here on the forum. ) Registered Linux User #299965 The procedure is very simple and is free of charge. The Linux Counter According to their website there are about 18,000,000 ( eighteen million The Linux Counter Project is an organisation established to encourage, promote and support the counting of Linux Users. It was started 15 years ago as a project by Harald Alvestrand and became a non-profit organisation in 1999. I joined them in 1998 as country manager and was elected on its Board of Directors in 2003 Implementing a counter is a common technique in almost any programming language. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to implement a counter in Bash script

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20 years officially today, Counter-Strike 1.0 was officially released and it went on to change the way many of us played games online. Truthfully, the true original was just a little bit before my time. I really came into it with Counter-Strike Xbox Edition on the original bulky Xbox back around 2003, to this day it might still be my most played Xbox game AfD, Pegida, Querdenker, Flacherdler, Chemtrailer, Aluhutträger, Reichsbürger und Covidioten. Jeden Tag entstehen neue Gruppierungen von Menschen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben, unbescholtenen und vernunft begabten Menschen ganz tierisch auf die Nerven zu gehen

Tags: Linux, The Linux Counter As many of you my be aware the Linux Counter website at counter.li.org has been down for quite sometime. Harald Alvestrand, who runs the Linux Counter website, has posted this announcment at counter.li.org Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) expands upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 19 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, weapons, and game modes, and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust2, etc.) Linux Counter. 70 likes. The Linux Counter attempts to measure the number of people using the Linux operating system, along with the number of machines.. Open Counter Strike from the list The reason why you have to open Half-Life is because CS was initially designed as Half-Life modification. It was launched by Valve on Windows platform in 2000 and from there, the CS franchise picked its pace

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The Linux Counter that counts Linux users all over the world. It is the site which counts and displays the number of Linux users and the number of Linux machines registered at the site at the present moment. Based on this result, the number of Linux users is estimated at 29 million people. Details are as follows. Linux Counter: Home Pag Linux Counter. 2010/02/08 Uncategorized Linux eztigma. Just the other day, I received an e-mail notifying me that I hadn't updated my record in the Linux Counter in a while. So, I did what the mail told me and they remind me of my Linux user number Does anyone know what has happened to the Linux Counter - counter.li.org It appears to have been down for several days now. Hope they di I have below code in my shell script which will keep on sleeping if it doesn't finds any file. And it sleeps for half an hour but currently I don't have any counter like only execute the below code 20 times and then exit the program if the files are still are not there (means don't do anything after 20 checks and exit the full script)

The online counter of lettercount.com often appears as the easiest way to count characters. However it is also sometimes possible to obtain a charactercount using your text editing software. Character counting tools can be a huge help in many situations, especially when submitting written material online Driver authors may utilize the Generic Counter interface in their code by including the include/linux/counter.h header file. This header file provides several core data structures, function prototypes, and macros for defining a counter device Linux process can be visualized as a running instance of a program where each thread in the Linux is nothing but a flow of execution of the processes. Do you know how to see the number of threads per process on Linux environment? There are several ways to count the number of threads Linux Counter: | | Linux Counter | | | ||| | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive.

Linux Counter is cleaning up its database. By - October 11, 2001. 8. Facebook. Linux Counter The Linux Counter is an interesting project aimed at making a reasonable estimate of the number of Linux users worldwide. From a statistical analysis perspective, the site has a wealth of details regarding kernel versions, uptime, Linux user density, and registered Linux User Groups. Many of the statistics can be updated by use The time stamp counter (TSC) is a hardware feature found on a number of contemporary processors. The TSC is a special register which is simply incremented every clock cycle. Since the clock is the fundamental unit of time as seen by the processor, the TSC provides the highest-resolution timing information available for that processor. It can thus be used for a number of applications, such as. Unfortunately there is no single unified way to display FPS counter in all Linux games that is independent of underlying technologies a game is running upon. Different renderers and APIs have different ways to display FPS counter. This guide will explain various methods that can be used to display an FPS counter in Linux games

Performance counters support in Linux is still not great but Microsoft is working to better this situation. Right now, Linux has a Performance Counter equivalent called Perf, which you can use. There's also a Microsoft cross-platform tool called dotnet-trace that allows collecting performance counters (and ETW events) on Linux Actually, you are quite correct, however for many of us who run Linux the ratio is more machines than users. Personally I have three linux machines at the house and a laptop I use for both work and pleasure as well as an unofficial Linux cluster under a co worker's desk at work that gives us better.. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det How to install Counter Strike 1.6 Server in Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS/Debian) by Aarsh Patel May 23, 2020 0 comment In this article i will show you how to install counter-strike 1.6 server in Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian

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  1. List of Best Linux Games in 2020 1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Counter Strike is one of the best Linux games in this list mainly because CS:GO has been natively developed for this open-source platform. The multiplayer shooter game runs perfectly fine with all the controls and top-notch graphics quality
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Linux. If you already own a copy of CS:GO on Windows, or as part of a previous Valve bundle pack purchase, you should find the title listed in your Steam games library already, where it'll be available for download. Feedback from those who have already taken the Linux build for a spin isn't glowing
  3. Performance Counters for Linux (PCL) is a kernel-based subsystem that provides a framework for collecting and analyzing performance data. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 includes this kernel subsystem to collect data and the user-space tool perf to analyze the collected performance data. The PCL subsystem can be used to measure hardware events, including retired instructions and processor clock cycles

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  1. Did you know? Did you know that the end line character is different based on the operating system: Unix, Linux, Mac OS X LF (\n) character is used (0x0A
  2. How about the Linux Counter? Posted Aug 19, 2007 0:57 UTC (Sun) by PaulDickson (subscriber, #478) Parent article: How many Linux desktop users are there?(DesktopLinux.
  3. In addition, counters can be seen in different Linux tools. For example: Running ifconfig or ip link show commands on the hypervisor will show counters at the PF (2). Similarly when running ifconfig on the VM, it will show the counters at the VF (3). Note that in non-SRIOV mode those commands will show also counters at point (1)
  4. my name is Alexander Mieland and I'm the new manager of the Linux Counter Project. Since I love statistics and because counter.li.org was not developed at all since over four years, I've started to develop a completly new and reworked project with the same but modernized design and the same target
  5. Maybe not such a great marketing move. I wonder how Microsoft would react to much higher than expected numbers of Linux boxes. In the distant past, Linux was waved off on the desktop side as a hobbyist or novelty platform, but I've seen many of my friends and colleagues switch over to a Linux distro in the past few years for their primary OS

The Linux is the CPU/Kernel of the switch. The interface counters in the linux only counts packets that reach the kernel. These are mostly control traffic. So if the traffic in the front panel port is a data traffic and is not destined to the CPU of the switch, it is not counted in the Linux Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve gave an interview and confirmed the Counter Strike Global Offensive for Linux. A popular game tailored for Linux. Finally the linux gamers can see what Windows and Mac users have had for 2 years now. Of course he didn't really confirm a date He just said that they're working on [

Performance counters are collected by Azure Monitor to analyze performance on Windows and Linux agents. This article describes how to configure collection of Performance counters for both Windows and Linux agents, details of they are stored in the workspace, and how to analyze them in the Azure portal Order all the best from The Counter online or on the app. Treat yourself to a delicious meal from The Counter For counters that are counting hardware events, the kernel takes care of programming the PMU to count those events, and if not all the requested counters can be counted by the PMU at the same time.

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The Linux Counter project has been running since 1993 gathering information and statistics about Linux users, having over 135,000 registered users and over 150,000 registered machines to date. Get yourself counted too linux counter User Name: Remember Me? Password: General This forum is for non-technical general discussion which can include both Linux and non-Linux topics. Have fun! Notices: Welcome to LinuxQuestions.org, a friendly and active Linux Community. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest

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  1. Hi if you are using any distro of Linux at home / work please register yourself at the Linux Counter
  2. There are many alternatives to Counter-Strike for Linux if you are looking to replace it. The most popular Linux alternative is Unreal Tournament, which is both free and Open Source.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Counter-Strike and many of them are available for Linux so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement
  3. The 2.6.31 Linux kernel will add a new performance counter subsystem called Performance Counters for Linux (or perfcounters for short). To use perfcounters, build a kernel with: CONFIG_PERF_COUNTERS=y. You will need elfutils and optionally binutils (for c++ function unmangling)
  4. The sleep command makes your Linux computer do nothing. Counter-intuitive perhaps, but a period of inactivity is sometimes just what's needed. This article shows you how to use this Bash shell command effectively. Using sleep is easy. On the command line type sleep, a space, a number, and then press Enter. sleep
  5. Counters are optional in nftables, thus, you need to explicitly specify them in the rule if you want them. The following example allows you to account all tcp traffic that you machine receives: % nft add rule filter input ip protocol tcp counter
  6. Performance Counters for Linux (PCL) Tools and perf Performance Counters for Linux (PCL) is a new kernel-based subsystem that provides a framework for collecting and analyzing performance data. These events will vary based on the performance monitoring hardware and the software configuration of the system

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Linux containers Menu Close menu. Jump to main content. Home; LXC. Introduction; News; Getting starte Linux Counter Project Posted: 19 September 2011 | Author: V. T. Eric Layton | Filed under: Linux | Tags: get counted, Linux, Linux Counter Project, statistics | 4 Comments NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! I received a nice email from Alexander Mieland, the new manager of the Linux Counter Project Linux 2.6.32-220.2.1.el6.x86_64 (www.cyberciti.biz) Tuesday 13 March 2012 _x86_64_ (2 CPU) 01:44:03 CDT IFACE rxpck/s txpck/s rxkB/s txkB/s rxcmp/s txcmp/s rxmcst/s 01:44:04 CDT lo 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 01:44:04 CDT eth0 161.70 154.26 105.20 26.63 0.00 0.00 0.00 01:44:04 CDT eth1 145.74 142.55 25.11 144.94 0.00 0.00 0.00 01:44:04 CDT IFACE rxpck/s txpck/s rxkB/s txkB/s rxcmp/s. The Linux From Scratch Counter LFS users registered so far: 28439. Registering as an LFS user is very easy. Just enter your name and select the first LFS version you have used, and click on Register me. If you can't remember the exact version you downloaded, just enter your best guess Tiptop reads hardware performance counters and displays statistics about running Linux processes, such as IPC, or cache misses. It provides a dynamic real-time view of the tasks running in the system. Tiptop is very similar to top, but the information displayed comes from hardware counters. It has two running modes, live-mode and batch-mode

Counter-Strike Community Daemon v.0.1.1 A daemon that communicates user/server informaton with a central MySQL community server that allows Counter-Strike servers to form a network, by share user info, banlists and much; Counter-strike Linux real time parser v.0.0.4 This is a counter-strike log analyser. It is composed of a ANSI C daemon, and a set of php scripts to display Page Counter linux software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Linux Page Counter Shareware and Freeware Linux shell scripts can be as diverse as you can imagine. There's literally no limit when it comes to determining what it can do or can't. If you're a new Linux enthusiast, we highly recommend you to master these fundamental bash script examples Tagged: linux counter lico linuxcounter. This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by LinuxCounter 2 years ago. Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total) Author. Posts May 18, 2015 at 4:21 pm #15890. LinuxCounter. Member. Hi there

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Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 22:35:03 +0200: From: Ingo Molnar <> Subject [Announce] Performance Counters for Linux, v HLDS Counter Strike 1.6 [Linux]: So you have been playing Counter Strike for a while and are thinking about setting up your own server. Then this is the tutorial for you. Welcome to my second tutorial about setting up a Half Life Dedicated Server, HLDS for gaming. This tutorial w 3.7.2 Common Predefined Macros. The common predefined macros are GNU C extensions. They are available with the same meanings regardless of the machine or operating system on which you are using GNU C or GNU Fortran

static inline s64 percpu_counter_read_positive(struct percpu_counter *fbc Friendly Linux Forum. When starting a Linux system you may see there are delays when certain updates are performed or new applications installed Command Line Control - Linux Only GPU Performance Counter control requires Linux display driver 418.43 or later. Unload the old modules. Before you can insert the module with the key set/unset, you first need to stop the window manager, and unload all nvidia-based modules Clear counter int g1/0 -- this will clear only for one particular interface. (this will clear the values which are on the interfaces:-Input/output drops counters value. CRC/Input/outut errors.) No need to worry to run these command on the production network. It just clear the counters of the interfaces and does nothing harm to the traffic flowing Server side console commands for counter strike source Only admins will be able to use these

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We're the world's leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. We help you standardize across environments, develop cloud-native applications, and integrate, automate, secure, and manage complex environments with award-winning support, training, and consulting services Counter. A counter is a cumulative metric that represents a single monotonically increasing counter whose value can only increase or be reset to zero on restart. For example, you can use a counter to represent the number of requests served, tasks completed, or errors. Do not use a counter to expose a value that can decrease

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  1. Deploy Counter-Strike Game Servers. LinuxGSM is the command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers
  2. In .NET Core 3.0, we are introducing a suite of tools that utilize new features in the .NET runtime that make it easier to diagnose and solve performance problems. These runtime features help you answer some common diagnostic questions you may have: Is my application healthy
  3. If you want to monitor the output of these commands to see the statistics live as they change, use the linux watch command. For more information on using this command, please refer to the following article
  4. V-Count is the world's leading manufacturer of 3D people counting and customer counter, retail analytics system, visitor counter, people counter for stores, shopping malls and libraries. We help business growth through people counting and traffic counting device by tracking customers and visitors in physical locations
  5. Communication and Collaboration Apps for the Modern Workforce Bria ® makes it easy for individuals, teams, enterprises, and resellers to find a unified communication and collaboration solution that suits their business needs.. START A FREE TRIAL Add Unified Communications Without Replacing Your PBX Extend the investment in your call server by adding services for team messaging and video.
  6. Download Linux Firewall Traffic Counter - The firewall traffic counter are scripts which are parsing iptables output and writing it to a log file. A PHP script displays grahpical on-the-fly statistics about traffic (summary,email and gameserver traffic). Monthly,..
  7. A new free online conference! Live Embedded Event. A new free online. conference about. embedded topics. Elixir Cross Referencer. Home; Engineering; Training; Docs; Community; Co

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Counter-Strike 1Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dedicated Servers - ValveCounter-Strike: Source Free Download
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